Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No mountain bikes at Nationals

I was secretly hoping to spot maybe just one renegade mountain bike at Nationals. Or maybe a steel framed Schwinn. Nuh-uh. It was slick racing machines as far as the eye could see. I would guess that maybe 95% of the bikes were tri bikes, probably 70% had race wheels, and maybe 50% of the riders had aero helmets. (If someone else has different estimates, feel free to comment)

While I do have the recently acquired tri bike, I don't have the race wheels or aero helmet, and my already-strained bank account thanks me for that.

Transition at USAT Age Group Nationals
There's something kind of cool about the local races where anything goes. I see knobby tires, camelback hydration packs (seen on a 20k bike ride), baggy shorts, and surfing wetsuits! At those races the odd aero helmet looks a bit conspicuous.

I'm thankful that we have all kinds of races where everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy the sport at any level.