Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Letter to myself

Dear Me,

You’re four days out from the Luray Double, eleven days from Nationals, and it’s been seven weeks since your last race. You needed that solid training block but you know it’s always tough when you haven’t raced in a while. It’s only natural to start to wonder if you still have IT. You know…the heart, the ability to suffer, the desire to push hard and want it.

Well, you do.

You’ve shown it in your training. You’ve gutted out threshold intervals in the pool, on the bike, and on the roads. You were afraid of the two miles at sub-6:50 pace but you did it…twice. You weren’t sure you could do the swim laps on 50s cycles but you did. You hammered up Harding on the bike and jacked your heart rate up into a new zone. And on your little “aerobic ride” yesterday you just couldn’t resist blowing past the poor guy up ahead of you, could you? Felt good, huh?

Yes, you’ve got IT!

Coach Jim knows how to get the best out of you and he put together training plans that let you discover for yourself what you can do. You are gaining speed and strength. Think of the PRs on the bear squat and H squat that you hit with Kurt.

You’ve given your best to each and every workout, you’ve been fueling well, and resting and recovering. You have addressed physical issues and your legs are feeling better than ever. Think about how much you love training and love hard work, now you're just taking it on the road.

You ARE ready!

Take each day and each race as it comes. It’s a lot of travel and a lot going on with work heating up, the kids starting school, and the Endurance Films sponsorship, but trust that the energy and focus will come when called upon. Continue to focus on nutrition and rest then have faith that you have done all you can do. On race day, run your race and be confident that your mind and body will know what to do. Enjoy the journey and let go of things outside of your control.

Be fearless!

Keep it positive and be grateful to God for the opportunity to swim, bike, and run in beautiful venues with amazing people. Savor the feel, the sounds, the rhythms, and yes, even the pain.

You are a capable triathlete, but you are also mom, wife, daughter, coworker, friend, and neighbor. At the end of the day you are loved not for what you do but who you are.

Race happy and enjoy the ride!