Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yowsa...the long overdue massage work

I met with Mario today for some pain-threshold intervals....I mean deep tissue massage.  When I realized it hurt to just lay my quads on the roller the other day, I knew I was long overdue to pull out the big guns. Mario is the big gun.  He is one solid, low-bodyfat, muscular guy who despite his very sweet and calm demeanor shows no mercy to adhesions, knots, and obstinate muscles and fascia.

Lordy, that is just one unique kind of pain.  There's nothing quite like the elbow to the piriformis, thumbs in the traps, or a forearm squeezing out a quad.

I went in with my laundry list of areas to address, but he pretty much hit things head to toe.  Even the parts that I didn't think had issues, apparently did. He'd say things like "this doesn't hurt when you run?".  Uh, no? "Hmmm..."

Eventually I felt the knots start to give way.  Now I'm just left feeling a bit battered.  But I know the drill. Lots of water, take it easy today. I will probably feel like crap for the day as my system is overloaded with all the garbage flushed out by the massage. Then tomorrow I will feel like a million bucks. (An aside: this is my public proclamation...I am VOWING to roll and stretch regularly starting NOW. I mean it this time!!!)

I'm definitely a proponent of deep tissue massage but I think it takes finding the right person and working with them over time as they get to know you and your issues.  Despite the fact that he brings me to the brink of tears, Mario is definitely the right person. 

What are your thoughts on and experiences with deep tissue massage?