Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Name change

This blog started over four years ago when I was 25 pounds heavier, out of shape, and identifying most strongly with a shapeless blob. I had two small kids and had just finished a PhD which meant wayyy too much sitting-around computer time. So the blog was was appropriately named Unblobbing and it was begun the very day I stepped into the gym.

The title morphed to Unblobbed when I had reached some some weight loss and running goals and when I was confident this lifestyle change had stuck for good.  One day that title didn't feel right anymore.

Unblobbed was when I was on the defensive, battling the demons of bad food choices and TV time.  That's all in the past. Now I'm firmly on the offensive, looking for ways to push the capabilities of this mind and this body.

So I've changed the name to Cort the Sport.

Growing up, my dad called me Cort the Sport. I was sporty, well sort of, settling into competitive riding as my sport of choice - hunters, equitation, and eventing. Except I never really felt like a sport. But just as I can now confidently lay claim to "athlete" I finally feel like I have become "Cort the Sport". (Incidentally, my bike, Teddy Roo, is also named for my dad!)

The web address remains unchanged to preserve old links and ties. Cort the Sport will continue on looking for crazy new adventures in triathlon, running, lifting. My goal remains the same -- to challenge others to find that athlete in themselves - no matter what your age, current fitness level, or past experience. Find what you love to do, set a goal, and TRAIN!  You are almost certainly guaranteed a rewarding journey that can only come from personal challenge and doing things you never believed possible. Four years ago I could not have imagined I would be a competitive triathlete heading to a world championship race as a Team USA member. 

What's waiting for you? And what are you waiting for?


  1. I think it's great that you've chosen to change the blog name. I'm trying to think of a new blogname at the moment; my current name was something thought up in the space of 2 minutes when I wanted to comment on a blog post by someone else, and it stuck, yet it doesn't 'define' me very well!

  2. Love it! You are definitely one sporty lady! ^.^

  3. Thanks! I think blog titles are fascinating and I'd hazard to guess that most of them were born rather spontaneously!

  4. Well Courtney, as 53 year old guy I have read your blog with a lot of interest. My journey has taken me from 215 lbs to my current 178. My goal is 165-170 lbs. You inspire me to work harder.


  5. That is quite an impressive journey! Hats off to you johnemac, and I have no doubts you are inspiring others!!

  6. Cort -- just read your article on strength training!!!! Would LOVE to know what exercises you do on your first Leg/Back day and second arm day. I am a FIRM believe in strength training and think it should be the "4th" discipline for triathletes but I am so confused as to how to incorporate it into my trainign and exatly what exercises/# of reps to do!!