Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday's swim included a 10 x 50y set on 50 second intervals. I had never been asked to do that and I knew it would be tough. I was nervous and thinking maybe my coach had confused me with someone else. But I realized he wouldn't have included it if he didn't believe I could do it. He believed I COULD do it.

And I did it!  On the last few I barely had time to press "lap" on the watch and head off again, but I kept coming back to the fact that he believed I could do it.

Maybe it's seen as a shortcoming that I don't have all that "belief" in myself. Or maybe it shows courage to use someone else's belief in me to bolster my own.

This morning I worked out with Kurt and hit chest and arms and it's the same thing with him.  He challenges me with things I sometimes shake my head at. Today's 40 lb incline dumbbell press might fall in that category, but I figured if he thought I could do it, I must be able to, and I did :-)

It's important to believe in others too as I've witnessed how that tiny seed can grow into tremendous things! It may only take a few words.

I look for opportunities to tell others I believe in them. Sometimes it just takes suggesting a 5K race (or marathon) to light a fire in a person! So many people sell themselves short and some words of encouragement can make a big difference.  As a parent, I show my kids I believe in them. I don't encourage totally unrealistic expectations, but I tell them when I know they can do something hard or scary!

I will add the belief I derive from others to the belief I have in myself as the volume and intensity of my training continues to build. I'll need it, next week's training plan already looks pretty scary!!

who's gun? click me!

I had no pictures for this post so took this one as a tribute to Nia Shank's great series on "How to be a beautiful bada$$".  Come on, ladies, believe that you can be strong and build muscle and go after it!!


  1. Isn't it funny how we trust others so much more than ourselves sometimes? When Max trains me it's the same thing -- he'll say, "No, do pull-ups with no assistance" or "let's add 10lbs to your squat" and I'll be like oh okay! If *you* say so! Hm.

  2. @Sable
    I wonder if there are gender differences there? Hmmm... Do guys look for others to believe in them? I will say that I suggested a 5K recently to a fellow I only spoke to casually and he made a point to seek me out and tell me he signed up! So maybe?

  3. now those are some guns and I'm impressed! I think its a good reality check, believe in ourselves first!

  4. now THAT is an arm! :)
    the belief thing is interesting. from a trainer's point of view i have people try to convince me all the time that there is absolutely no way they can do a certain exercise or use the weight that i give them. after i talk them into doing it, turns out they could do it..and a lot better than they thought they could. i'm not sure how relevent that is, but i think our minds play a lot of tricks on us convincing we can't do things :P

  5. @sweatanddirtThat's the gift of a good trainer, really. I once read that "we can run twice as far as we think we can" and I believe that sort of thing too. We are our own biggest limiters.