Friday, December 31, 2010

Swim Assessment with Cast = Video Motivation

I met Coach Jim at the pool this morning so he could see my swimming and assess the situation and implications for the still-planned-for swim training block. I swam with the pull buoy, without it, and then for the first time, with one zoomer fin. Today I was able to do a solid 300 with the zoomer, and a 100 with no assistive devices. They were tough little cardio intervals, but doable! What a fun challenge it will be to work my way up from that.

Coach Jim seemed much more pleased and optimistic than I expected which really encouraged me. He's not worried about the cast having a negative impact on the stroke.

He had his underwater video equipment there and I was able to see that somehow, in spite of the cast, I have made some improvements with my stroke and body position. So I am now pretty fired up!!