Monday, September 29, 2008

What a day

This is not entirely related to unblobbing, but the day seems to warrant this kind of reflection.

The less fabulous parts of the day:
  • Witnessed a historic drop in the stock market. Ouch. But we are in for the long haul and not losing sleep over it.
  • Our bank was bought - annoying. Husband says we should invest in companies that make bank signs and letterhead. They will clearly profit.
  • Got a letter from the old bank saying our credit card info, along with a zillion others, may have been compromised so we will be getting new cards.
  • Said goodbye to Dumpling (horse) who went back home after living with us (well, across the street) for the past 18 months. She will be missed, but kids have moved on to other interests.
  • Returned overpriced vented rain jacket to running store and found out I could only get store credit. Oops.
  • Grading poor exams - lots of bad writing, weak arguments, lack of evidence. It's difficult to grade such lame efforts.
More fabulous parts of the day:
  • Gorgeous, sunny, temperate fall day.
  • Had fun doing speed work on the track followed by a comprehensive leg workout that left no doubt that I had worked hard!
  • Spent considerable time completing many work-related to-dos for all three of my jobs! Got a date for the conference. Scheduled Honor System speakers. Finished grading for SES. Etc, etc.
  • Hugs from our brilliant and amazing kids. Laughs from hardworking husband. Love from the fuzzy cats and dog.