Saturday, September 20, 2008


So Jake asked what I listened to on my iPod. It's hard to describe if you are not familiar with the genre, but it's contemporary Christian music -- it would not be entirely out of place on MTV if the subject matter was more mainstream I guess. And although I'm not currently a church-goer, and I'm not an outspoken Christian, I do put my faith and belief in Christ.

My runs are very spiritual and give me time in my crazy and hectic life to reflect on life and love, family, friends, balance, and what I am giving to others. How I am reaching out? I hope I am doing so in some small ways through my teaching, students, neighbors, friends, and community, but I definitely fail more than I succeed. I pick myself up, dust myself off, ask for mercy, and move forward.

Having had two children, loving and being loved, seeing the work of God's love in my own life and the lives of others, and witnessing the miracles of our natural world, it's hard not to believe in God. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite songs at the moment:

I'm off to run at Pandapas.