Sunday, September 28, 2008

Training Notes

I did my 8 mile "rain run" on Saturday and enjoyed it quite a bit more than I expected to in the gentle rain and 60 degree temperatures. There were a number of stalwart runners out there! Felt sore and tired for the day only, but back in good working order today. Maybe I am recovering more quickly now?

Tomorrow is my first go at "speed work" which includes 2 min intervals of running at 5K race pace with 1 min recovery intervals. Because I don't have a good sense of pacing yet, I had to figure out how to convert that to something meaningful. And being an engineer, I can't resist looking at these numbers in a variety of units! My running book shows how pacing changes from one race length to another, so I worked backward from an estimated 1:49 half marathon pace to figure out I *should*, in theory, be able to do a 5K in just under 24 minutes. So it appears that I need to crank out quarter mile intervals in just under 2 minutes.

Weight is holding steady at just under 130 lbs.