Friday, September 5, 2008

T-minus one week and counting!

Note to self: leave the legumes for mealtimes that do not immediately precede a run.

I had made curried yellow split peas with tomatoes (yum) and ate leftovers for dinner. I might as well have eaten a brick as it seemed to turn to stone in my stomach just in time for an evening run.

Despite the stomach issues, I still ran with my fastest pace yet - an 8:35 mile for 6 miles, just half a hair better than the 10K a month ago, so I am improving! However, my runs have felt tough this week and today was no exception. I'm sure the stress of school, lack of sleep, and having played tennis five days in a row are all contributing factors. I plan to take tomorrow completely off and have a light Sunday.

During my run I asked myself what my concerns were for the race next weekend:
  1. That it will pour down rain or worse yet, it'll get canceled. Right now the long-range forecast is for rain and I don't mind some, within reason. But will my shoes get squishy? Will I get wet and cold?
  2. That my iPod will stop working during the race!
  3. That I won't sleep at all the night before.
So I guess if those are my big worries, it's not so bad. The rain won't stop me, nor will a non-functioning iPod, and there's no reason I can't complete the run even if I get zero sleep. I'll just try to get to bed early this week and bank my sleep.

I am prepared physically and mentally. I have worked diligently toward this for this for the last 4-1/2 months. I know what to do this week in terms of activity and diet since we used the 10K as a dress rehearsal. I will run a relaxed, confident, and well-paced race. I will finish and finish strong!