Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy Feet

The much anticipated return-to-running happened yesterday in nearly ideal conditions of upper 40's and a blue, cloudless sky! It was a 45 minute bout with a walking/dynamic warm-up and cool-down and 6 x 5 minutes of "jogging" with 1 minute walking recoveries. I felt like I could have run ten miles, and I probably could have, but I'd be paying the price today.

My legs have that feeling that they did something a little out of the ordinary, but nothing is sore, unlike Frazz:

What did I notice?
  • Happy Feet! A spring in my step and lightness overall
  • A shedding of anxiety with each step
  • Some tightness in my right hip (must stretch pre/post)
  • Zero complaining from my quad (yay!)
  • Some tingling in left toes (related to quad...)
  • An awareness of my core and glutes working - hopefully this is for real and due to recent gym work on muscle firing, strength, and flexibility.
  • No problem running my normal aerobic pace
  • Forgot to turn the Garmin off...I am rusty on procedure!
  • Finished wanting more

Coach Jim is stressing "patience" now and I agree. The point is not to return to where I was, but to chart a new course to where I want to be.

Happy Feet to you all!