Monday, January 27, 2014

Big indoor training weekend

Like much of the country, we've had some really miserably cold (sub-zero) temperatures and this weekend brought a lot of wind Saturday and more snow Sunday. For me that meant an indoor training weekend, even though I did see a few crazy cyclists and runners outside. I can't stop thinking about the group of local cyclists recently taken out by an ice patch. I'm not interested in that risk.

It was a really GOOD indoor training weekend though. The kids were busy with a programming project and the husband had to work extra this weekend so I made the most of it!


(1) Easy treadmill run - 45 minutes / 5.5 miles

(2) Gym workout - roll, stretch, motor control, strength - 1+ hour

(3) 6-minute 6-pack workout - Lesley Paterson's new ab/core series (last day of the Challenger week)
    Lesley Paterson is a Scottish pro triathlete, the 2011 and 2012 World XTERRA Champion and 2012 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion, and she just launched this 6-minute 6-pack video series. It's 6 minutes - 6 days a week - 6 exercises each week - 6 weeks (36 total exercises). I'm a week and a day into it so far and plan a review in the future, but I have to say I'm enjoying it so far. It's very well done with a short instructional video for the week showing the beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions of each exercise, then you just follow along on the actual 6 minute 6 pack workout that literally takes 6 minutes.

(4) Vasa Ergometer workout - 35 minutes including 5 min + 2x4 min + 4x1 min intervals at 72 watts (my 400m time trial average from the fall). It feels good to be back on the Vasa Swim Ergometer :-) This was an adaption of a cycling workout from Coach Eric Neilsen - he converted the times and power goal.


(1) Bike Trainer Workout - 50 miles (new PR for me!)
    For the first hour and a half of this workout I watched the Diana Nyad documentary called The Other Shore that was just incredible. It is the story of her determination despite all the challenges, obstacles, and failed attempts in the lead-up to her successful Cuba to Florida swim last fall. I had NO idea all she endured including a near-death experience and I have even more awe and respect for her and her team than ever.

(2) 6-minute 6-pack workout - Lesley Paterson's new ab/core series (first day of the Contender week)

All-in-all, very fun! The weather probably inspired me to do more than I might have otherwise and the mental aspects of that long (for me) trainer ride were a good challenge for me.

I'm excited for a new week. Have a great one, everyone!