Monday, September 23, 2013

70.3 prep....Enjoy!

I finally got my bike put back together today. I just think bikes are beautiful and I always feel happy to see them in the garage.

This weekend I started up training again. I got in a nice run through all the tailgaters at Virginia Tech. We played Marshall and won in triple overtime. Not that I go to the games, but that was what I read on Facebook. I ran just over 8 miles on the roads with no problem so that was encouraging.

Sunday I did a 42 mile ride with a friend, Ed Shepherd. It was a "reconnaissance" ride of sorts for an upcoming project that is in the works. Ed is a former semi-pro cyclist. It worked well that I was pretty fresh and he had just raced hard the day before so it was his recovery ride. While it didn't level the playing field, it at least made it less lopsided!!

Tomorrow it's back to structured training. I kind of got the wake-up call when I saw Coach Jim's little note on my Thursday "off day" - something about upcoming "straight days of 70.3 prep...that distance demands some volume and now is the time:). Enjoy!" Translation: prepare to suck it up!

My mind and body had gone into semi-retirement this last week. I suppose I thought I'd coast the remaining 4 weeks and 5 days until the Beach2Battleship 70.3 but I see now that is not the case!