Friday, September 20, 2013

Wrapping up five days of OFFness

This week has been pretty awesome. I took what I believe is my first-ever full five days "off" from training in the 5 years that I've been at it. Above is my weekly training duration report. It's never been empty! Even during times of injury, I've always managed to do something, whatever I could, to keep some level of regular activity.

Maybe this is also part of my "growing up" as an athlete and realizing that it's OK and can be beneficial to take some time now and again!

One other thing I did NOT do this week (or last) is register for the Boston Marathon. It was kind of hard to see that come and go especially since after last year I thought I wanted to return. But I know now that the marathon took its toll on me physically, impacting my triathlon season, and I want 2014 to have a focus on short-course tri and things that directly support that or at least are not in conflict.

I've caught up on life and work, restored order to the family universe (well, as much as one can given it's much like 'herding cats').

I participated in a few "Celebrate Sustainability" events in town this week.

I updated my phone to iOS7 (hooray, not).

I got a nice message from TrainingPeaks telling me that thanks to my race performance, they are raising the bar for my threshold work. Hmmmm.

I got my sleep schedule pretty much back on track.

And I'm recharging the batteries and the mojo. I can't tell you how excited I am for my next and final triathlon of the season - the Beach2Battleship half on October 26 in Wilmington, NC. I am truly doing this race for FUN with no pressure. I'm excited for some relaxed training and the chance to just enjoy some fall running and biking and the final outdoor swims of the season in southwest Virginia! That all starts tomorrow!

I'm ready for the weekend. How about you?