Thursday, August 1, 2013

When the Pool is not an Option - thoughts on the Vasa Swim Ergometer

Vasa recently published the first of a series of blog posts I put together about the unique benefits of their Swim Ergometer. If you are not familiar with this piece of equipment, it can be described as a swim version of a rowing machine. It's built around a smooth, quiet flywheel and uses paddles and a padded platform on a monorail to provide a swim simulator that is, for many purposes, better than a pool.

Just as a bike trainer is a valuable complement to cycling, so is the Ergometer to swimming. One day I just started thinking about all the unique things about it, all the times it's really come in handy (especially as a busy working parent), and I sat down and cranked out a long list that I sent to Vasa. They liked it, but it was so long, that they suggested splitting it into three posts. So rather than rehash it all here, and go on and's a link to the first.

And YES I am still using the Ergometer faithfully, with twice-a-week workouts from Coach Eric Neilsen who has worked with the Vasa Trainer and Ergometer for many years.

Happy swimming!