Monday, August 19, 2013

Wetsuit 2.0 - Blueseventy Fusion

This weekend I received a new wetsuit - a Blueseventy Fusion - courtesy of race sponsor Solar Connexion (Virginia-based solar contractor). Thank you!!!!
I've had my current (and one and only wetsuit) Blueseventy Synergie since December of 2009 (blogged about, of course). "Blueseventy" refers to the 70% of the earth that is covered by water.

trying on the Synergie in 2009

This suit has held up extremely well (unlike my friend's whose other brand is a patchwork of glue and repairs). I have a couple of surface nicks, fingernail oopsies, but other than that it is perfect and super comfortable. However, I know the day will come when the nicks will become tears, and I feared I'd be left scrambling to find a new wetsuit that fit. Now I have a new race-ready wetsuit and a backup.

I actually tried two different sized suits from a new wetsuit company that intrigued me but the arms were too skinny and the fit was just not right. When I put on the Blueseventy Fusion, it was instant comfort, just like my other. I got pretty lucky considering when I got the Synergie it was the one and only suit I tried (via mail order). I guess when you find a brand that fits, stick with it!

The Blueseventy Fusion will get some training practice then make its racing debut in the Serpentine, Hyde Park, London at the ITU Age Group World Championship!!

I do tend to get a little sentimental about moving on (from my road bike, old bike shoes, running shoes, an empty box of tissues...etc) so forgive my small little tribute to Wetsuit 1.0, that has been with me from the start, to Nationals at Lake Champlain in Vermont and Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, to Worlds at the Auckland Harbor in New Zealand, and throughout the state of Virginia in the James, Potomac, Smith Mountain Lake, Claytor Lake, the New River, Lake Moomaw,  Lake Anna, and Lake Arrowhead.

 Lake Champlain, Nationals 2012

 In New Zealand

 With Tanya at Lake Moomaw
 With Coach Jim at a cold Smith Mountain Lake

Lake Arrowhead

Thank you, Wetsuit 1.0 for years of faithful service and thank you Solar Connexion for Wetsuit 2.0!