Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Training & Summer Bucket List "Cramming"

The kids start school in a week so the pressure was on to knock a few more things off the summer bucket list. This weekend offered up perfect weather so we packed in family fun on top of regularly scheduled fun training.

Saturday - 56 mile bike ride - Burkes Garden

I had a 50 mile bike ride to do Saturday and decided to do it in conjunction with the Burkes Garden Century Ride that is always scheduled for the same weekend as Virginia Tech's student move-in. This gets cyclists out of town, away from the busy campus area, and onto a safe route. The century is 100 miles, and the metric century is 62 (but started further from town), so I chose to tag along with the century riders and turn around at 28 miles (I'd been granted an extra 6 by Coach).

180 riders participated with the $10 entry going to the New River Bicycle Association

It was NOT easy to turn around at mile 28 knowing the most beautiful (and new-to-me) parts of the route were ahead. But I did and frankly, by the time I got back to the car, I was pretty much glad to be done. I plan to return one day and do the rest of the route, especially once I heard there were camels to be seen up ahead.

 with the ever cheerful Debbie who is a formidable cyclist

I rarely ride in groups but I did trade off some pulling for the first 20 miles with Andrew. Luckily he didn't mind I was on my tri bike (the only one I saw out there). I thought it was interesting to see how my heart rate fluctuated so dramatically between pulling and being pulled. I guess there really is something to drafting!!

Saturday - Kayaking the Little River in Floyd

In the afternoon the hubs and kids and I packed up for our kayak trip (rained out the previous day) with a little outfit I'd found online - On the Water in Floyd. We floated and paddled and chatted for nearly 7 miles and 3 hours on a glorious day! The water was never more than a few feet deep and very calm. We saw deer, heron, fish, and amazing cliffs and rock formations. It was so relaxing and just exactly what we needed -- especially my poor husband who has had to work his butt off this summer and frankly has just not had nearly enough fun.

We topped off our kayaking trip with Buffalo burgers from Buffalo and More in Riner.

Robert and the boys!

Grant showing that his swimsuit matches his kayak. He spent as much time standing as sitting.

Sunday - Longish Run

I cranked out 8.5 on the treadmill (my injury workaround still). This went pretty well with no quad blow-up so I was happy.

Sunday - Treetop Adventures at Mountain Lake

About 30 minutes from us is Mountain Lake resort, made famous as the set for the movie Dirty Dancing. They recently added a new aerial ropes and zipline course called Treetop Adventures. I had gotten us a reservation for noon and when we arrived we discovered we were the only people there! Robert had stayed behind (fighting a bug) so it was just our guide, Gavin, the two kids, and me.

We had to learn the whole clipping system and demonstrate proficiency on a small course before heading to the two real courses. It was SO much fun for all of us and a nice little stretch to do something a little scary. Grant had no fear and tried many of the obstacles with no hands at all. He accepted the challenge to dance on the suspended log and got to sign his name to a board reserved for those brave folks.

 no hands -- this was really impressive

 One of 6 or 7 ziplines

Sunday - Ergometer

I squeezed in a 2100m Ergometer workout that included a mainset of 12 x 100 holding a particular power level with reduced rest between.

Sunday - Movie with hubs

We saw 20 feet from Stardom. What an awesome documentary about backup singers, such voices, WOW!!!

Oh, and I did I mention the kids had friends sleep over Friday and Saturday? It's never really dull around here, that is for sure.

It's Monday and time to buckle down again - work, getting kids ready for school, and a pretty hefty training agenda. I'm ready!!