Monday, August 5, 2013

Race Week! USA Triathlon Nationals

Is it really race week already?? WOW!

I'm really looking forward to the whole experience, especially now that my Endurance Films teammate Nick Logan sent me a link to race venue pics posted by Super Squid on Slowtwitch. It really looks nice!! I've put a few pics below or you can check the original post here. I've also been perusing the course maps for the Saturday's Olympic and Sunday's Sprint at the USA Triathlon site and they look pretty good - particularly the run courses that are described as flat, flat, and flat.

I am glad for the flat, flat, flat because my run problem continues and we made an interesting discovery. When I run on the roads, I consistently have that thigh congestion/pain problem just a few miles in. I've really not made it through a road run without stopping (which stops the pain) for months now. If I run on the treadmill without an incline, even doing some pretty tough hard/fast interval work, I don't have that problem. We haven't fully "tested" this with an inclined treadmill run to see if it's climbing that is the trigger, but that's for later. My hope is that the flat course will keep my run/quad problem at bay, but who knows. It's hard not to be nervous for the run but there is not much I can do. For now, my final runs are on the treadmill.

I spent the weekend relaxing some at our local street fair, Steppin' Out, and floating down the river with Grant.

Now it's time to kick things into high gear-- time to pack, get work done ahead so I can focus on the race, and get the family situated for while I am gone.

Here we go....race week!!