Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Morning Tri Coffee Reads - March 30

Keys to Running With Mental Toughness by JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Running Times, March 27, 2013. Some of the things in this article may read a little silly, but I am a firm believe that if you choose to build mental toughness you can. And that mental toughness starts with training in the bad weather, when you are tired, when you've had a crappy day at work, when plans are thwarted, and when you've had a bad day. You have to practice being tough in training and then eventually you will convince yourself and start believing. Act if you must. Eventually you will no longer be acting.

Brain Cancer Patient Wins Gusher Marathon (while pushing a stroller) by Avi Zaleon, March 11, 2013.  Annnnd in the category of mental toughness...a nice 3:07:35 marathon pushing his daughter in a stroller. The brain tumor that is destroying his brain has left him unable to drive or work, but he does what he can do and finds solace in running. This is the quote of the day from winner Iram Leon - "People shouldn't wait to live until they're told they're dying."

70.3 San Juan Race Report by Andrew Starykowicz, March 28, 2013 - Andy reports on his win amidst a large pro field. You can feel the pressure and excitement as he realizes he's done it! Andy is one of the most frequent bloggers of the pro ranks.

Afghan women bike racers train in secret by the NBC Nightly News, March 27, 2013. WOW! We may complain about the lack of bike lanes, annoying drivers, whatever, but these Afghan women are taking a huge risk just by cycling and training. I've always been grateful for the ability to swim/bike/run, but I never thought about it in terms of freedom before.  This story saddened me and gave me hope at the same time. (Shout-out to my uber fit neighbor Taylor serving our country in Afghanistan right now)

Food Fraud Database Lets Us All Play Detective by Nancy Shute, the salt, March 26, 2013. Really? My saffron might be plastic thread? Phthalates may be used to "cloud" our juices? Milk that never saw a cow? Buyer be ever more aware....sigh.

Training: How to ride on rollers by Nik Cook, Cycling Plus, December 13, 2010. I've always wanted to try rollers!! Have you?

Serena Williams rode her bike to a match to beat traffic, USA Today, March 24, 2013. Go Serena!! A helmet would have been nice, but at least you have the "visibility" thing covered with those very cool tights. I'd wear those.

Should you use the SNOOZE Button? by AsapSCIENCE, March 20, 2013. Ummmmm....NO! I really need to make my older son watch this. I AM his snooze button. But seriously, it messes with your sleep and does you no good!

The Cycologists -- Music made with bicycles - pumps, seat posts, handlebars...crazy!

My bike is my weapon

Bondi Icebergs - I'd love to swim there!!