Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Tri Coffee Reads - Welcome to Spring!

This issue is a little on the slim side, it seemed to be a slower week for new and interesting content.

Going to Prehab - Addressing Weaknesses before they turn into full-blown injuries is key to running longevity by Lian Boylan-Pett, Running Times, March 8, 2013. "Prehab" is a concept of addressing early onset injuries before they fully manifest. Pay attention to those little aches, pains, and swellings.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck by Alicia Caldwell, TrainingPeaks, Thursday, March 14, 2013. Expert opinions on making choices between things like 'Bike Fit vs Aero Helmet' and 'Training Plan vs Coach'.

A great first Ironman step by Timothy Carlson, Slowtwitch, March 14, 2013. This interview with Bevan Docherty is pretty interesting as he just moved up from ITU to IM and set a course record at IM New Zealand! This was my favorite funny quote:
  • "I ran just under 2:50 at Taupo. That included two toilet stops – one where I actually wiped my butt. I wasn't too sure what other athletes were doing, but I heard the next one was 10 minutes behind. So there was no pressure – and plenty time to wipe your butt. " 
The Bloggling Joggler - Check out this 'jogglers' blog! Michal Kapral of Toronto holds the Guinness World Record of 2:50:12 for the fastest marathon while juggling three objects. His recent entry reflects on a recent attempt to break the 800m 'joggling' record! He sure makes just running seem awfully easy! 

'Bike Porn' - Photos of the gorgeous pro bikes from IM San Juan last weekend., March 16, 2013. Ahhhhh. So pretty!!!