Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Morning Tri Coffee Reads - March 2

Nutrition, Health, Wellness
  • Snacks Worth Their Salt - Edamame by Mark Bittman, NYT, October 1, 2012. Love these little nutty green nuggets. Mmmmm.
  • The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food by Michael Moss, NYT, February 20, 2013. This is a long excerpt/adaptation from the the book "Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us." We are pawns in the hands of the food industry.
  • Calculate your calories burned - by mapmyrun. I'd heard the rule of thumb that we burn about 100 calories a mile running but this little calculator may provide a little more precision as it incorporates gender, height/weight, age, distance, and speed matched with a LONG list of activity options - including Zumba, P90X, lawn mowing! I came up with about 108 per mile running, 44 per mile biking, and about 240 per mile swimming. For me it's about 800-830 per hour to run/bike and about 500 per hour swimming.

Training and Racing
    • Has the Marathon Boom Peaked? by Scott Douglass, Runner's World, February 26, 2013. My gut tells me we are seeing a bit of a pullback in the marathon distance or at least I have felt/observed that in our local running community. Half marathons seem to be the go-to distance and my guess it is because we have less time to commit to the training. Life seems to be accelerating for most of the folks I know, we are working more and have less leisure time.
    • Think Outside the Box by Coach Eric Neilsen, February 25, 2013. Under the bike show photos (very cool) is a list of 28 "Out of the Box" ideas to spice up your swim/bike/run - things like biking while standing for 20 minutes or watching swimmers from the bottom of the pool!
    • Rob Verhelst aka Fireman Rob by Herbert Krabel, Slowtwitch, Feb 27, 2013. Rob has completed TEN iron distance triathlons including Kona, running the marathon portion in full firefighter gear - about 50 hot, heavy, uncomfortable pounds. I love stories like his that put our own personal efforts into perspective. WOW!
    • Carbon repairs have you covered by Jill Janov for Bicycle Retailer, August 14, 2012. There was a time that a damaged carbon bike frame meant the end of the line for it. Now there are repair options that can get you back on the road for a lot less than the cost of replacement.

    Have you noticed that most of the funny/entertaining stuff involves cycling? Running fodder tends to be more serious and inspirational, and sorry swimming, but you really need to work on being funnier.

    Here's two videos -- cooking an omelet while on bike rollers and my favorite, the "surprise, you are in a bike race" gag!

     I want these socks