Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Morning Tri Coffee Reads - February 9

Nutrition, Health, Safety

  • Walk While You Talk: The Meeting Goes Mobile - Jessica Stoller-Conrad, NPR, January 25, 2013. During my last job at the university, I was having a hard time reaching a particular faculty member, until I happened to "ride up on" him one afternoon while we were both cycling. We proceeded to have a our much needed meeting out there on the roads and I kept thinking THIS is the way to meet - running, cycling! But certainly a walking meeting is probably a safer alternative, and much less of a snoozer than the conference table.
Training and Racing
  • How Often Should You Run After Riding - Matt Fitzgerald,, January 31, 2013. During race season, my coach has me do a fair amount of transition running off the bike and regular full brick workouts too. They take more preparation and forethought, but I think they are a critical element of race preparation. Be sure you are including these workouts in your training!
  • Gearing basics - Cycling Secrets, January 7, 2013. I've always heard it's wise to avoid "cross chaining" - when gearing puts the chain at a more extreme angle than is ideal. I never really thought much about it but this short video and write-up did a good job of convincing me to change my chain ring sooner - from a more middle gear. And the way that gear ratios work out, you're not really sacrificing anything, but you are saving wear and tear AND maximizing power transfer. It's that last one that interests me the most!

  • Stretch Shoe Laces, by Tom Demerly,, July 14, 2011. This is a bit old but frankly still does a good job of covering the main types of stretch shoe laces that are out there. I'm generally a big fan of the Xtenex brand with the stretchy knots, but I don't know how anyone would get through T2 without stretch laces??
  • Troubleshooting a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor - by Miriam for EnduraGuide, February 21, 2012.  I get so annoyed when my heart rate data flakes out. Recently this happened within weeks of installing a new battery. It turns out that you can often fix issues by "resetting" the monitor by removing the battery and leaving it out for a few minutes or by putting it in upside down and pressing. It's a good trick to know! 
  • How to fix heart rate strap dropouts/spikes - by DC Rainmaker, December 18, 2012. If you are bothered by a chaffing strap (me!), spikes, or dropouts, you'll find all those answers here! I do use use the electrode gel he recommends.

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