Saturday, October 22, 2011

Will run for pancakes

I had a date with my son Spencer for pancakes immediately following this morning's long run. I can't think of better incentive than that! The last few miles that was pretty much all I thought about. pancakes....will run....for pancakes!!!

We went to our favorite local breakfast joint - Gillie's. It's right downtown and has been around as long as I can remember, with the character of the place evident in the sturdy but lived-in solid wood chairs, specials written up on the chalkboard, and the excellent staff that serves up the best food pretty quick - one you get a table. It's worth the wait and Spencer and I enjoyed some nice uninterrupted conversation. We split an order of pancakes and the Gillie's Special of eggs, potatoes, cheese, and salsa with a homemade biscuit. SPLURGE!

It's Virginia Tech's homecoming weekend and I was treated to a preview of the parade floats as I headed out of town on my first loop. It was only in the 30's but once the sun burned off the fog I started shedding layers.

I knocked out 18 happy miles, with a nice speedy one thrown in at mile 16 just to show I was feeling spunky and finishing with plenty in the tank! I should have my marathon pace dialed in by now but I don't exactly. I keep coming in about 10-20s/mile faster than what is suggested for my "marathon paced" work. I don't know if it's belligerence/denial/delusion/inability to follow directions, or if my happy pace really is faster than we thought. There is a big difference between 18 miles and 26 though. I'm meeting with Coach next week and I'm confident he will bring me back to reality.

I am enjoying this marathon training block tremendously. There is no pressure - it's not like I'm going to win the thing - and the time on my feet, away from technology, is a welcome reprieve from the busy-ness of work and and family.  My legs are feeling good and I am so thankful for that. That is not something I will ever take for granted ever again. I emerged from this run unscathed....except for a small injury sustained when going off-road for a...uh....pit stop! Darn briars!

Run happy!!