Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Save the Asparagus!!

I've been trying to get frozen asparagus at the grocery store for a couple of weeks. At first I figured they were sold out, I mean, this is asparagus we are talking about. Who doesn't like asparagus? Then the last time I read all the labels in the frozen vegetable section and didn't even see a place for asparagus. I got very worried. Today I asked. I was told they were discontinuing asparagus. Yes, DISCONTINUING ASPARAGUS.

It's not like I can get a different brand of frozen....there's no SteamFresh, no PictSweet, no Kroger brand, and no generic brand. There is ZERO frozen asparagus at our Kroger. (Note this may not apply to all Krogers, just mine that caters to beer drinking, chip eating students.)

This is the same store where I could spend two hours in the yogurt section alone with umpteen flavors, fat content, forms (squeeze, blended, fruit on the bottom), quantities, and sizes. I can wash it down with any of maybe 125 kinds of beer (mmm, yogurt and beer!) and then follow that up with one of 150 kinds of crunchy chips/popcorn/pretzels/doodles.

So Kroger, you really don't have maybe a cubic foot in your freezer for some asparagus? Are the Hot Pockets and frozen pizzas needing some elbow room?

I went online and started searching things like asparagus association, save our asparagus, and Kroger Frozen Asparagus. I found my way to the Washington Asparagus Association, the Save the Asparagus tshirt (clearly I am not the only one fretting about this), and then this:

Hypocrites!!  They love the stuff, my guess is that the higher ups are hoarding it, keeping it for themselves.

I know what you are seasonal, eat local, eat fresh, freeze your own. (I even have my own asparagus plants!!)  All true.  But I still liked knowing that the frozen asparagus was available. A little chicken, a little brown rice, a little flax oil, some salt, and a lotta asparagus...mmmm mmmm good!!

It's a sad state of affairs when an entire vegetable is "discontinued". What's next...broccoli??  NOOO!!