Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Tiny Social Life and Medium Run

What a week!  Work was insane and I knew it would be so naturally this is the week both kids end up with issues - strep for Spencer and a face full of poison ivy for Grant. Robert's truck needed a tow and a new fuel pump too. But we deal!

I was running on fumes by Thursday but got my butt out the door to the Roanoke Triathlon Club social that evening. I don't live there (it's about a 40 mile drive) but I've gotten to know a number of the members this season and they are talented, fun, encouraging, and very welcoming. I traveled back from Nationals with a bunch of them and it was a riot!

I'm so glad I went because I tend not to do many social things. Even though I'm high-energy and love people, I need a fair amount of quiet, at-home, boring recharge time. The conversation was exactly what you'd expect from a bunch of triathletes - swim technique, new and discontinuing races, season results, ramping up running, injuries, bikes. There were just a few brave non-tri spouses. We got our end-of-season  tri-talk out of our systems and could return home and spare our spouses, family, and friends from having to hear about it all.  "How was it?" "Oh, fine!"  That was sufficient for Robert!

Friday was our 16th anniversary! Being the understanding tri-spouse, Robert didn't flinch when I asked if we could postpone a celebratory evening out to Saturday so it would be after my long run!! Friday we were trashed and tired anyway so we just vegged out with the kids. I did have to make one concession...we picked a restaurant that will have football on TV. I'm OK with that. We all have our vices ;-)

I did get a nice confidence-building run in today (amidst the tailgaters of course). Last Saturday I did 16 miles, but split into an 11 and a 5, intended to give me time in between to asses and be sure that lower legs and such were holding up OK. This week I did just under 17 in one run, with instructions to go by heart rate and perceived exertion, and things felt terrific. It is such a relief after this tenuous year and the ups and downs of coming back from my winter injury.

The last two years I put a lot of pressure on myself for the marathon and hitting a specific time. I would push so hard on long runs and finish just feeling gutted (I was not marathon training with Coach Jim then but am now). There were a few times I remember my stomach was trashed and I was just worthless the rest of the day. I don't want to go there this year.

This year above all, I truly want to have fun, stay healthy, and enjoy the training and the race. I was able to finish this run with reserves left in the tank, legs feeling good, mentally happy, and fully functional. I dashed around this afternoon with my kids and am ready to hit the town with Robert. This is how I need it to be.

Five weeks till Richmond!!