Friday, October 14, 2011

San Diego Run

I had a very happy medium-long run in San Diego this morning with perfect temps and legs feeling good! I'd had a solid night's sleep, unlike the previous night when I was up at 2:45 AM to get to the airport for this trip.

Despite my initial misgivings and fears of running long in a BIG s-c-a-r-y city, things went smoothly. I was grinning and glistening at the finish.

I tend to deal with my angst through evidence gathering, planning, and analysis (engineer, remember?). For this run, I consulted with my San Diego-based Endurance Films Teammates Scott and Diane, the hotel concierge, and then did a little Google Earth virtual flyover last night to be sure it looked doable and safe.

My plan was to run along the edge of the bay with little loops on Harbor Island and Shelter Island. It didn't exactly work out that way as I followed pedestrian pathways and never even got close to Shelter Island, but it was still lovely -- scenic and very flat. Keeping water in sight reassured me that I could not be too lost. There plenty of runners out including a bunch of Navy guys (no girls...odd) from the nearby Naval station.

I'm glad Coach Jim put this on the schedule, just like the ocean swim he put on my beach trip. I appreciate that he challenges me to do things that I would not otherwise do. That is one of the main reasons that I love this sport (and appreciate my coach!).

On Harbor Island