Sunday, May 8, 2011

Go Ahead, Clap for Yourself

In my post, Why Do You Race, I claimed that fun was not among my reasons for racing.  That might not be entirely true. I got the professional photos today and had to splurge because these remind me that just maaaaaybe I do have fun.

There's the picture of my fellow runner Mike Morris, who I chatted up. He spontaneously put his arm around me to mug for the camera (and this is in the final half mile); my beloved bike "Ace" who makes me happy; and then me clapping....for myself!  What a dork! Turns out they sort of "forgot" the overall master's awards until the very end.  I was literally the last person. So why not clap for myself?

So get ready....hold's the big leap into the philosophical!!   We can't look to others for affirmation.  Finished that tough workout? Dragged yourself out of bed to hit the pool?  Bypassed the brownies and ate the sprouts?

Go ahead, clap for yourself!  (oh, and have fun out there!)