Monday, January 14, 2013

Two questions for runners - results!

Hey thanks for the responses! I'm excited that this worked...YAY, numbers!! Google does a decent job with surveys.

Going out too fast - Of the 28 folks, just 3 people, 11%, went with my "went out too fast" option of "dig and suffer at any cost to hold that early pace." That's what happened to me Saturday...and it actually happens pretty regularly. I started with my desired/dream/planets aligned/chased by a bear pace rather than my reality pace and suffered greatly to hold as close to it as I could. Anything else would be admitting I was wrong!!

The other 75%, the rational group, would back off.  Some of the write-in answers included: back off when the heart rate goes off the charts, back off if I will blow up and ruin the effort, and never start that fast in the first place!

Running to get to an even 5.00 - On the GPS question...nearly half of us would run beyond 4.99 and 4.87 miles to reach exactly 5.00. Almost a third would do so if our watch read 4.75. Only 3 people, or 11%, didn't care, and only 1 runs without GPS.  The write-in answer was all of the above, so in fact there was one person who would go beyond 4.01 to reach 5.00. They must REALLY love integers!

The other day I had stopped my watch at 4.99 and upon realizing it, started it back up to run the extra ten feet to get to 5.00. Ridiculous, I know! I do love integers too (what's NOT to love?), but I'm learning to let go, one perfectly even tenth of a mile at a time.