Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dressed to Run

One of the things that still intrigues me about running is the fact that our "engines" warm us up to such a degree (haha) that we can be out running in a fraction of the clothing that we'd need to say....walk from the parking lot to the grocery store.

Saturday I ran for two hours in a snow-covered landscape, in temps in the 30's, in shorts and a tshirt - along with gloves and a hat. I was perfectly comfortable, and oh so fashionable!

It's fun, as runners, to thumb our noses at the weather. Wednesday morning I put down 8 miles in pouring down rain and temps in the mid-30s, starting before sunrise. Yet I did so happily in shorts, a hat, and a light rain jacket. I'm sure the passers-by thought I was miserable, but I wasn't at all.

What got me thinking about all of this was two days prior when my friend, ultrarunner Shannon Price in Fort Collins, commented that with temps below 0, and -14 wind chill, he might actually have to forgo shorts for pants. My shorts/tights cutoff temp is a bit higher than his.

I ran Saturday in my "Suck it up Buttercup" shirt because we were about 42 hours into a power outage and I was feeling very frustrated...and...well...powerless. Luckily my own personal "power grid" is way more dependable and I had a really good run - 16 miles, my longest since November 2011 and a solid start toward Boston. The run restored a happy mood in me, and a few hours later, the power co restored happy power to our home.