Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quick blog post before I head out of town

I should be packing and not blogging...the kids and I head to Ohio tomorrow to visit my sister and her kids (yay!), with my parents joining us on Sunday for a meet-up and early celebration of my dad's birthday. The Teddy Roo is named for my Corvette-driving dad who appreciates speed and nice cornering ;-)

I have a quick track workout in the morning before we leave town. It was supposed to be a swim AND run but thankfully I moved the swim to this evening. For the weekend in Ohio, I have a long bike ride scheduled with my nephew on Saturday, and an 8-mile run along Lake Erie on Sunday. The rest of the time will be just hanging out on my sister's big front porch, playing games, watching kids on bikes and the trampoline, and enjoying!

I had an aerobic ride today and something happened to the Garmin. It must have been on since yesterday (since the ride was 6/7 but the date shows as 6/6) and it logged 144 mile splits that were a few seconds or so each, so today's ride data looked like the top picture until I fixed it, LOL!! Talk about speedy!

I rode to the truck stop by Interstate 81 at exit 128. That was where I met up with my Endurance Films teammate, long-haul trucker Siphiwe Baleka last September and I think of him every time I ride by there! There is something cool about being on a bike riding to or over a major highway.

I wanted to get this post out also to say a HUGE thank-you to folks for giving to my Team USA fundraising campaign. Here is the listing of Sponsors and Supporters. I am more excited than ever and really focused and fired up for the big races this year. I had my first anonymous donor today (thank you HL) which really took me aback. With that, the campaign is at $540 of the $2000 goal. With four months to go (wow, it used to seem so far off, not anymore...) I think it's off to a good start!!

Just as a point of information about how expensive this venture will be, we just found out that the registration fee for Worlds is $380! That must be SOME tshirt we get for that!

I'm training hard and training smart and doing my best to earn the support.

I'm sure I'll check in from Ohio. Have a great Friday everyone!!