Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend workouts and season's firsts

This weekend provided a much-needed shakeup to the regular routine for both the family and the workouts. The kids' last day of school was Friday and we were all ready for a bit of a blowout. We enjoyed the elementary school spring festival Friday, a cookout at the new creekside neighborhood fire pit Saturday, a meetup at the New River Sunday, kids farmed out for sleepovers, and dinner with friends Monday. Thankfully the weather more than cooperated.

My normal eating habits got a shakeup too with some ummm "adult beverages" in the mix but I'm back on it today. Race day is looming with the local Salem super sprint on Sunday (300y pool swim, 15k bike, 5k run).

Workouts have been fresh and fun with lots of season's "firsts"  --
  • Thursday - First double-brick of the season (ride-run-ride-run) with the second ride at sprint intensity and then "ripping" the first mile of the second run. I love that stuff -- wondering what you might have left at that point and then just digging in and leaving it all out there!
  • Friday - First lap swimmer of the season at the outdoor pool. I know this because there were no lanes up initially, they had forgotten!!
  • Saturday - Wilderness Road Ride.
  • Sunday - Off day that turned into season's first swim in the New River with my 10-year-old. The river was pretty brisk and I was hesitant to go all the way in, but this is the kid that is good at "daring" me and then joining in. Together we swam/waded/dolphin dived upriver and down - twice - about 1200y total. It was one of those really special mom-and-son times, I sure do love my kids.
  • Monday - First speed work on the track in probably a year (related to injury and risk). Intervals and speed work are typically built into my road runs but there is something very raw and exciting about a track workout. You can't blame terrain or elevation -- it's just your effort and toughness pitted against time. There is nothing like the track to make you feel like a serious runner -- and to make you appreciate just how fast a 4-minute mile really must be! I'm hovering just over 6 and would very much like to log a 6-minute mile (or sub) at some point.
Grant warming up in the sun after our second swim upriver (his third)

The rest of the week is a bit of a taper with a focus on stretching, nutrition, and rest. Have a great week everyone....and it's Tuesday already!!