Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do these shoes make my butt look fast?

I'm very excited to finally have picked my racing shoes for 2012: Saucony Kinvara 2s in Citron and Green! The neon green Xtenex laces are on their way, then they will be perfect!

Mom, if you are reading this, yes, you DID raise me to know better. I know, I know, athletic shoes are supposed to be white. One must always be prepared for a spontaneous game of tennis and I love that you still enjoy the game! And that your shoes will match anything you wear!

But you had to know I had that rebel streak in me and better it should come out in running shoes....than say...body piercings, right?

The other shoes in my rotation are the Brooks PureFlow. In Black!!! Mom? Are you still reading?

I run exclusively in lightweight shoes with a minimal heel drop (these are 4mm). Then the color combo has to be just obnoxious enough to make me feel WILD and HAPPY.

Wild and Happy Me = Faster Me

Even though the new Kinvara 3 is out, the available color combos just didn't give me that "thing" I needed. Plus I raced in the Kinvara 2's last year (pink and black) and they worked great.

Is anybody else this weird about shoes??

I would like to thank Ian and the staff of Runabout Sports for four years (and counting) of shoes! It's pretty cool to walk into a store where they know your preferences (hang-ups), training and racing volume, and even your shoe size!! They are much more than a retail store, serving as the community running hub!