Friday, May 18, 2012

One-on-One Endurance Day

Coach Jim's clients span the world but I am fortunate to be among the contingent of local athletes.  A few of us swim together pretty regularly but getting together to bike and run is considerably more difficult with all of our different schedules and demands. One exception is the "annual" May One-on-One Endurance day, complete with the portable transition area!

We were fortunate to have Justin back in town from his second year at George Washington and Jim from Richmond, Virginia who was able to adjust his work travel schedule to be with us! So we had a nice little group from college kids to us master's folks -- but all fairly well-matched on the bike. (Of course, I've been logging the miles, while Justin can just pick up a bike after his school year and hang just fine!!)

We started with a group ride and transition to a brick run, then followed that up with the 6 mile, 2400' climb up to the top of Mountain Lake -- 10 MPH up, 30 MPH down!  I had done this ride for the first time in December and made considerable gains, cutting about 8 minutes off the ascent and 1:30 off the descent (about 10k). Edie and I were the first ones down, motivated by our grumbling stomachs and need for food!

It was a great day of catching up and reconnecting!!

Top of Mountain Lake