Monday, January 23, 2012

Better coleslaw. bike trainer. scuff marks

I made some pork tenderloin the other day and the leftovers were slated to become pork BBQ sandwiches for the fam. Spencer and I love coleslaw with pork but I shudder to think what is in the store-bought kind that looks more soup than slaw. I also had half a bag of shredded cabbage that needed to be used. A quick search on "healthy coleslaw" and some minor modifications resulted in a recipe that we enjoyed and I will surely use again:
  • Shredded cabbage
  • Generous splash of apple cider vinegar
  • Some minimum amount of mayo product (I use Smart Balance Light) -- next time I will try Greek Yogurt instead
  • a dusting of stevia
  • a bit of sweet mustard
  • a dash of salt
It took about 90 seconds to make and was amazing. Bottom line - there's always a better option out there than store-bought and it's usually quicker to make than we think.

I got in my longest bike trainer ride to date - two hours - on Sunday. I figured after the flat steady-state run of Saturday, I wanted to see what a flat, steady-state bike ride felt like. Since we don't have much flat around here, the bike trainer it was! Two hours was manageable - an episode of Modern Family, one of the Office, and the latest installment of Biggest Loser. I can handle that.

Grant put his grass from his 3rd grade Greek fable play around my bike so it's practically like being outside. And the giant stuffed dog on the back of the couch can substitute for wildlife. Plus we have some actual wildlife - two (or more) kids, a dog, and two cats.

I kept thinking of my friend Scott who is training for an IM and rode 60 miles on the trainer last weekend and 70 this weekend. I know people do that and more. I'm just not sure there is enough chamois butter in the world to make that happen for me!!

Lastly, I got a few emails about the scuff marks on my legs from Saturday's muddy run from others who have experienced marks, shredded socks, and torn tights from striking themselves. I asked my coach and did some searching and it turns out that is not all that unusual, particularly in muddy going. It doesn't necessarily indicate a form flaw, but can be result from a wider heel counter, slick conditions, or just a tendency to have a "swing through that is a little tight" (Coach Jim).

It's nothing like the "rookie mark" of chain grease :-)