Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shoehorn in those workouts

Today included a classic example of how to shoehorn workouts into an overstuffed life of work, family, and training. I had a one hour bike trainer workout to do and about 65 minutes between picking up the two kids. I love a challenge.

3:18 - Leave work to pick up the 4th grader. Acquire child. Hear about day.
3:40 - Arrive home, throw on bike shorts and tank. Fill water bottle, grab towel.
3:43 - Tighten flywheel, hop on bike trainer, slip feet in shoes already on pedals, put on HR monitor, pull up preloaded workout on Garmin. Oh, and fire up Hulu+.
3:45 - Begin workout

======= T1:  5 minutes ======

3:45 - 4:45 - Intervals including threshold and max effort bouts, tempo section. Crank HR into 170s, sweat and grunt....and think maybe I shouldn't have eaten quite so much broccoli for lunch.

4:45 - Jump off bike, put on zip-up jacket in feeble attempt to contain sweaty self
4:47 - Get in car, no shoes, remember about flip-flops in pool bag and grab those

======= T2:  2 minutes ======

Lovely, eh?
4:55 - Arrive at pool, in shorts and flip flops (it's 37 degrees) still dripping and red-faced.  Wow, five minutes to spare!  Watch last bit of swim practice like a good mom. Remember that I was at this same pool 10-1/2 hours ago. Wonder why it seems more like three days ago.

5:00 - Greet child, hope he is not too embarrassed, then realize he is used to this. Rationalize I am developing a confident kid with these regular doses of mild embarrassment.

5:05 - While waiting for child to change, have colleague previously known only through email introduce himself. Awkwardly explain I don't usually look like this and then proceed with professional conversation.

5:08 - Head home to take care of kids and pets then a shower before finishing out the day with a bit more work and family.

This post is dedicated to the newly formed Running Princesses who are working hard to shoehorn it all in and provide great support and humor to the group.