Sunday, January 8, 2012


It was bound to first en-route flat in maybe two years. I heard the telltale pssshhhhhhhhh for a bit, but it disappeared, and I briefly hung onto the hope that I had imagined it. The emerging wobble dashed my hopes as I quickly realized the pssshhhhhhh was gone because there wasn't even enough pressure to make a wimper of a noise.  There was an eruption of sealant (tubeless tires) oozing from a slash. So I pulled off the road, 17 miles from home, shrugged my shoulders and figured I'd be getting some good quality Angry Birds time in on the iPhone while I waited for Robert. I pulled up a rock and settled in.

Turns out I didn't have to wait long as I got a ride into town from a fellow cyclist who was driving that way, then Robert picked me up from there. Thank you good Samaritan! 

Even though the weather is warm for cycling, the roads are full of gravel and debris from the one snowfall we've had so far. This convinced me to officially retire the Teddy Roo until the roads are better. I'll stick with Ace the road bike.

Robert said maybe this is a sign to get the promised Christmas race wheels and get them on there. I'm a slow shopper. I hate to spend money.

A day off tomorrow...much needed.