Monday, June 20, 2011

My fast twitch kid

It's vitally important for kids to find their athletic niche, the thing that really excites them, and for Spencer, it's clearly things that require power and strength. When he did the track league last year, he was drawn to the shot put. On the summer river camping trips, he most looks forward to hauling huge rocks to build a dam. It's not to say we don't encourage the cardio end of things (swim team, CrossFit, and maybe someday triathlon), but without a hook, kids will never be excited to move their bodies and test their limits. Not every kid is destined for soccer or baseball. Spencer has always loved the gym!

Our summer schedule doesn't work with CrossFit so this summer I want to take Spencer to the gym myself. We went yesterday while Grant had Karate and worked a little on deadlift form since that exercise is a staple when he returns to CrossFit. We hit some box jumps, roman chair, bench dips, jacknives, and other primarily bodyweight type moves. And in case you buy into the myth that kids should never set foot into the gym or lift anything heavier than a pencil, read this. And think about all the big heavy stuff you probably lugged around playing outside as a kid!!

Spencer when he was 9....he's always been drawn to feats of strength!

Spencer comes by it all honestly, it's probably in his genes. I spent several years in my early 20's as a competitive powerlifter, and actually went to a meet in December 09 just for fun. My age-old competitive bests (circa 1992-95) were a 265 squat, 310 deadlift, and 135 bench.  Keep in mind those were not "raw" but with the DL/Squat suit and bench shirt that offer a significant advantage. (I'm now a proponent of the raw divisions, no assistive equipment.)

My kids are both off to camp for the week! I'll miss them, It'll be strange around here without them!