Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Training

Here we go again, we got hit by the first cold and snow blast of the year which this week resulted in two school delays, two cancellations, and for the last day I haven't even been able to get out of my neighborhood in the minivan.  I know running outside is not smart or possible when my ultra-running friend opts to do his 30-miler on the indoor track which is 9 laps to a mile! Fortunately I have the bike trainer (yay!) and a treadmill (not so yay) at home. If I had a nice endless pool I'd be in business.

The only way I'll get to the gym today is by bumming a ride from a neighbor or waiting for Robert and the truck.

Right now I am training on my own at the gym for the first time in a while. I bumped up the training sessions 18 months ago with Jake due to the leg injury and never bumped them back down. A string of unanticipated home expenses triggered the change, but I also think it's time for me to put into practice all I have learned.

I'm planning out my three weekly workouts ahead of time, aiming for around 30-35 sets to be completed within an hour and change.
  • Monday: Chest, triceps, core
  • Wednesday: Legs, biceps, core
  • Friday: Back, shoulders, core
I still have a lot to learn.  For instance, loading weights properly. On Wednesday I used the H-squat, and after a set with a 45+25+10 on each side, I went to move up to 45+45 per side.  Only after I unloaded one side, I forgot to add the 45.  So here I was marveling that this heavier set actually felt lighter, I thought, wow, I guess I am finally warmed up!  Doh! 

It's also tricky to not have a ready-spotter. Or counter. Or planner. Or motivator.

Time to put on the big girl pants and figure it out.