Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maybe not so much "float like a butterfly..."

...but I got me some "sting like a bee!"

Jake had introduced a bit of boxing into my training in the fall. Even after just 15 minutes, I would  feel it in my shoulders, back, arms, core, and lower legs (when available for use!). Knowing I needed an outlet for frustrations (which were HIGH today), he figured out a way for me to throw some punches! I'm sure my technique leaves much to be desired, but it's a fun change-up!

In case anyone is getting the idea that this experience has been easy, it has not been.  Almost every day I have shed tears of frustration.  There's a near-constant level of discomfort that makes it hard to concentrate or be productive. And when I start to feel sorry for myself I beat myself up for that because this situation is (1) temporary (2) fixable and (3) not that big a deal.  And so I move on.

Not slacking on the other body parts either

I think this photo was accidental but it shows Jake's meticulous planning and record-keeping.