Monday, December 20, 2010

Deja Vous

Two weeks ago I took a "funny" step on a run and rolled my ankle slightly inward.  Since then, I've had  significant localized tenderness along the fibula of my left leg.  18 months ago, I took a "funny" step on a run and had localized tenderness on the fibula of my right leg.  I ended up with a fracture and a boot for 6 weeks. So you see why I was hoping and praying this would just go away. It's not. And I know from experience what happens if I ignore this beyond a certain point.

So I finally 'fessed up to Coach Jim, who sent me to physical therapist TJ Stites, who is a runner/triathlete and understands the mindset of a runner. He pushed and prodded, nearly sending me through the roof. He's figuring something bone related, or an attachment, because it is so tender and so pinpoint. He recommended an xray to rule out a stress fracture. The very mention of that possibility left me with a terrible pit in my stomach.

Until I know more about what is going on, I won't be running. I'm pretty sure I caught it early enough for a quick turn-around so I'm staying positive (well, after a two-minute cry in the car). Hey, it's an opportunity. I was gearing up for an intense block of swim training in Jan/Feb anyway, and one of my triathlon goals this year was to bring my cycling up to the next level. There ya go!

I am annoyed that my lower legs seem to be a weak link. That's OK. The physical stuff can be overcome.  I still have a tough warrior spirit.