Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1 day down, 27 more to go.

Well I enjoyed my four whole gym workouts, conceived and executed all by my little self.  (See Winter Training for my big, but brief, leap into self-managed workouts).  It's back to supervised training because without help, I am relegated to a limited number of machines for anything with weight. Thanks Kurt and Jake who will make it possible to use barbells, dumbbells, and plate-loaded machines.

If you find yourself with a cast and crutches, here are my suggestions, which I can confidently provide now that I am in...ding-ding-ding....Round 2... of this nonsense.
  • Get the doc to fill out paperwork, pay $5 at the DMV, and get a temporary handicapped hangtag.  You'll need the energy for life's essential activities, not for walking from the far reaches of the parking lot.
  • Get fun socks.  This is a must in the cold weather.  And even more critical if the casted leg happens to contain a regrowing half-toenail that could scare small children and pets.
  • Learn to walk by throwing the crutches forward with body momentum, freeing up hands to carry dishes, coffee, paper, laundry.  Because even if you get great help that first day or two, it will diminish exponentially and by day four, most help is gone. 
  • Take NO chances with stairs.  Falling down the stairs with an immobilized limb is terrifying. Best is crutches in one hand, stair rail in the other.
Back to the gym tomorrow and a go at the POOL!!!!!  Please just don't let me slip on the pool deck.