Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mental benefits of workouts

Yesterday I was fit to be tied - just wound tight and overwhelmed by life. I had a workout scheduled with JRP, thank goodness, because I'm not even sure I could have gotten myself in the gym otherwise. He got me to focus and work hard and by the time I left I felt so much better and my head had cleared. The more stressed and more busy I am, the more important my workouts and runs become. Those endorphins are fabulous.

And it was a good workout too - pullups, dumbell grasscutters with a drop set, bent over rows that he says I need to get stronger on (?), etc. This is the most sore my upper back has been in a while. Gotta love it.

I'm thinking I'm coming out of my recent run "funk" too where everything had been feeling sore, stiff, and slow. In the last two runs I was able to get some flow going, where things just click and I can put effort in efficiently.

It's going to be a challenging month. Maybe it's good I'll be pretty busy and won't have time to overthink the marathon. I'm excited for the race, but to me the real joy, the real fun, and the real accomplishment has been the training. When I first saw the program, it was hard to imagine myself 12 weeks into it, yet here I am, enjoying the process, and allowing myself to start looking beyond the marathon.