Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Oh boy. Today I had an appointment for PT fortunately with an experienced guy who has run marathons for years. His best time I think was in the range of 2:40, so clearly (!) he knows what he is doing and he understand the obsessive nature of running. Unfortunately this appointment was sobering. The issue is with a muscle/tendon that runs down the outside of my calf ending in a painful area just above my ankle bone. He suspects tears and flat out told me I am in denial but if I am a fast healer there is hope. We will know in two weeks. He also said I need to keep all weight off that foot for now meaning crutches/cane. Lovely. I'd rather be pushed around in a wheelbarrow. But I said I would do what I have to do to heal so I guess I don't get to pick and choose. My neighbor just got over an incredibly horrible leg fracture and has all the equipment that I can borrow.

My leg went from feeling a little better this morning, to worse after hoofing it around campus, to really bad. I'm thinking there is short-term pain from the massage and it will feel better tomorrow? I sure hope so.

The GOOD news is he said I can ride the stationary bike to my heart's content and do any lifting as long as it doesn't require standing up. That will make things challenging for Jake.

And how will I manage this camping trip on Friday?! I can't even go there...not just yet.