Monday, August 4, 2008

Three month status report

It's been exactly three months since I made the choice to get health and fitness back in my life.

Goals reached:
  • Able to run almost 10 miles (when injury-free) and can still do 4-5 with little difficulty.
  • Lost 18 lbs and am at 131.8 - 12% reduction in body mass.
  • Can swim a mile (32 laps) of freestyle in 37 minutes. Struggled to do about 4 laps when I began.
  • Gained strength and muscle. Benched 80 lbs and can do two pull-ups.
  • Learned about fitness and nutrition, stretching, running programs, dealing with injury, and the importance of rest and recovery (still working on that one!). I now know that my body doesn't need nearly as much food as I once thought and that if I am eating optimally, energy levels increase.
Goals for school year:
  • Help my family eat better.
  • Increase lean body mass and build muscle.
  • Continue training for additional races.
  • Bench 100 lbs and do 5 wide-grip pull-ups.
  • Embrace core/ab work!
  • Improve swimming technique and times (add in strokes).
  • Maintain fitness routine through school year of 2-3x swimming, 3x running, and 3x gym, plus tennis.
  • Monitor and adjust nutrition to maintain optimal weight.