Thursday, August 14, 2008

New routine

Jake worked out a new routine for me that I think I am going to like. I wanted to increase the volume in the gym and get each body part twice. The all-over Monday circuit helps accomplish that.

Tuesday - 30 minutes
Thursday - 30 minutes
Saturday - long run (7/9/11 for the next three weeks)

Monday - circuit (full)
Wednesday - legs and back
Friday - chest and shoulders
Sunday - arms and core

If there is anywhere I am falling off, it's the cross-training part. I'm probably getting one good swim and one good elliptical workout in per week, but I'd like more, particularly swimming. And I am getting tennis in 2-3x a week. Last night we had a discussion about whether tennis is really much exercise the way we play it. I figure the big advantage is it keeps me from eating for 90 minutes!! I'd say clinics are moderate exercise, but matches are less so.