Friday, August 15, 2008


Finally I am no longer quite so ravenous. I didn't even log my food the last few days. It's not that I went nuts-o, but I was surely not in the 1200 calorie range I've maintained much of the summer. Tomorrow I will log anew. Hopefully I will still make my 130 goal weight by 8/25. I was 1.8 lbs over on Wednesday.

I still was craving something sweet tonight so I actually sprinkled Splenda on some watermelon and that did the trick. (I like pictures!)

My food choices have changed over the summer and I hope they continue to improve. I've developed a taste for non-instant oatmeal with milk, a pack of splenda and a few strawberries or other berries. Another good meal was two scrambled eggs with onion and a package of frozen chopped spinach. I'm enjoying whole wheat pasta too. This summer I've learned to appreciate all sorts of fruits that I hadn't been eating regularly - plums, nectarines, cherries, oranges and the usual cantaloupe, bananas, and apples. I have to credit JRP with some of this...his suggestions remind me to make choices that minimize the processing of my food.

Tomorrow I have a 7.6 miler planned. One nice thing about only running three times a week is that I definitely look forward to each run. No danger of burning out!