Friday, August 22, 2008

Approaching equilibrium

Things seem to be back in better balance again in terms of nutrition, activity levels, energy, motivation, and attitude. I'm grateful for the nudge and vigillance of JRP. I've been hovering just at or just over my 130# goal for 8/24 (literally 130.0 and 130.2 on Wed and Friday), but not yet below. It'll come. More importantly, my food logs this week have gotten the rare seal of approval so I know I am on the right track and it's really about the longer term changes.

I'm eating SO much differently than four months ago and I feel dramatically better. And maybe it is a control thing, but this lifestyle makeover has reduced the oppressive feeling I had that the tail was wagging the dog and it was just all wrong. Last spring was so stressful and out of control and put me in a place I did not like being.

Running, playing tennis, and lifting let me step out of my life and get the perspective I need to make better choices. I intend to continue reclaiming time in my life, time I need for me and for my family. I am determined to gradually "unbusy" my life and stop sweating the small stuff.

And on to other topics...tomorrow I will do the whole Huckleberry Trail. It's 11.5 miles, but I only need to do 9 - 10, so I will just walk the first and last .75 miles or so. Then next week I get to run the whole thing. I hid a Gatorade along the way...hope I can remember where I put it. I was very tempted to do the run today as it is beautiful, but I am trying not to deviate from the plan since it seems to land me in trouble!!

My runs have been feeling stronger and more joyful and my confidence is returning. The IT bands are an omnipresent issue, but that continues to resolve. It was interesting that the massage therapist could sense a change on Thursday. My knee isn't a source of acute pain any longer, but I'm experiencing tightness half-way up my thigh now and on both sides. Somehow, she was able to describe my experience precisely without me saying a word!

Lots left to do to get ready for fall, but ready or not, here it comes! I need to focus and use the available time this weekend and just knock it out now that Scholar (new course management system) and I have made our peace. I'm excited for classes to start next week.