Sunday, October 8, 2017

Grateful for the Running Catch-Up!

This morning I met up with a friend, Elisse, who I haven't seen in person in many years. We were part of the same circle of friends who worked out at the Weight Club through the 90's. She moved away, we both had families, and we've kept up some through social media, but you know how that is.

I was so excited when she reached out to say she'd be in town and did I want to meet up for a run? 


We caught up and talked as fast as we could, non-stop for the 6 miles her schedule would allow (she was in town to see her son at Virginia Tech).

She was just the person, and it was just the conversation I needed.

It all just made me grateful once again for the fellowship, for the sisterhood, of runners. 

Getting together to run is just easy. It's not awkward. She has to run. I need to run. So why not run together and catch up? (Would we have said, 'hey, let's get together for coffee?' -- probably not)

Last week I met up with my coach for a post-season catch-up, and we hit the trails.

When my friend Janet and I are overdue to catch up, we look for places our training schedules overlap.

I don't get lots of them, but I'm SO grateful for the miles I do get to share with friends!!! 

Thanks, Elisse!