Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mom Day Half Marathon (walk) & Kid-Made Second Breakfast

We are not big celebrators of particular "days" but I have to admit this was a pretty nice Mother's Day. I was up early (first at 3 am ugh, then for real at 6 am-ish) and kicked off the morning by folding two loads of laundry.

WAIT! It gets even better! Hard to believe, but it DOES!

After first breakfast and coffee, Trixie and I set out with a goal of walking/hiking a half marathon on the trails. OK, that was my goal, but she's game for anything. We warmed up with some goose chasing, then shifted our attention to looking for early spring Mother's Day flowers in the forest. They were offered to us in colorful abundance!

After an awesome high-energy, discomfort-free hike/walk/amble (and soak in Poverty Creek), I returned home to these amazing kids and this beautiful sight...

...second breakfast prepared entirely by Spencer and Grant. We enjoyed quiche Lorraine, fruit salad, scrambled eggs, and cinnamon apple toast. MMMMMMmmmmmmm. It was absolutely delicious and extra nice to have it on the front porch on a beautiful day.

Last but not least...Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mom (who I talk to nearly every day) and to my big sister Kristen who is an awesome mom to my nephew and nieces! I dug through my archives and found this:

My dad is a very happy guy, but he looks a little perplexed in this photo!!

I hope this blog will start to get back on the triathlon track now - back on the bike and in the pool later this week!! That should be interesting. I haven't had 7 weeks away from swimming since I started this sport five years ago. Yikes!