Monday, April 28, 2014

The Continuing Adventures of a Girl and her Dog

Trixie and I have done a LOT of walking...80 miles since I was cleared to walk on 4/9, and nearly 40 miles in the last week. Compare that to my average run mileage with my malfunctioning artery over the last year, which was maybe 15 miles a week. I have been so happy to simply move around outside and to explore sections of running paths and trails that, as a creature of habit, I do not normally go on. This week I made a point to do just that - explore!

 First time on the Coal Mining Heritage Loop off of the Huckleberry

Trixie did not like this bridge

She walks with the leash fully extended unless someone is coming, then she tucks in beside me.
She has really really good walking manners.

 The cow was more interested in Trixie than she was in the cow.

Huckleberry from the Price's Fork fire station out 1.4 miles to a dead-end that will
extend to Brown Farm sometime this fall.

Trail behind Foxridge, headed toward the new section of Huckleberry.

Another cow admirer.

Aside from some slight abdominal pulling sensations, I've been feeling really good. So, Saturday I headed out for my biggest walk of about 10 miles. I was chomping at the bit to walk the less-traveled trails of Pandapas Pond and it was a perfect, perfect day for it. When I pulled up to the parking area I saw folks doing some Search and Rescue training. I asked them if my reputation had preceded me and they were there ready to come and find me? Fortunately I did not need them!
Poverty Creek, Queen Anne, Skull Cap, Trillium, and Head Hunter. Cool trail names!

Water is plentiful along the trail for Trixie.

 Who needs stepping stones? We plow through the water...

 ...not everyone feels that way.
Equipment Coach Bryan came out for Sunday's walk and opted to keep dry shoes.

 Baby black snake?


The horse option looked like fun, but I still was glad to travel on my own two feet.


Wednesday I head back to see Dr. Davidson and find out what is next for me.